Knee Replacement Surgery FAQs: Your Complete Guide

Oct 30, 2023

Knee Replacement Surgery FAQs: Your Complete Guide

At Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates (MOA), we understand your discomfort and are committed to helping you regain your active lifestyle. Our skilled knee surgeons have been providing cutting-edge orthopedic care in Morgantown and North Central West Virginia since 1977.

1.  How Do I Know if I Need a Knee Replacement?

If knee pain is severely limiting your activities or keeping you awake at night, you may need to consider knee replacement surgery. Knee surgeons at MOA will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis to identify the source of your pain and determine the appropriate treatment.

2.  What Does Knee Replacement Surgery Involve?

Knee replacement, or knee arthroplasty, involves removing damaged parts of the knee joint and replacing them with artificial components. MOA’s state-of-the-art procedures are performed at the outpatient surgery center to provide the most advanced care for our patients.

3.  How Long Does Recovery Take After Knee Surgery?

Each patient’s recovery timeline is unique and largely depends on their overall health and commitment to follow through with physical therapy. MOA’s personalized care plans will help you recover from your knee surgery quickly and effectively so you can return to your daily activities.

4.  Can I Expect a Completely Pain-Free Knee After Surgery?

While knee replacement surgery significantly reduces or completely eliminates knee pain for most patients, it may not result in a completely “normal” knee. However, you can expect substantial improvement in mobility and a significant reduction in pain.

5.  How Long Will My New Knee Last?

The longevity of a knee replacement can depend on many factors, but most modern replacements last 20 years or more. With MOA’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art care, we strive to ensure your replacement provides long-term relief.

At MOA, we go beyond procedures – we care for our friends and neighbors. You don’t have to live with life-limiting knee pain. Our compassionate and dedicated team will walk you through every step of the process, from diagnosis to post-operative care. Our goal is to help you say goodbye to knee pain and get back to enjoying the things you love.

Every patient’s journey is unique, and MOA is committed to providing personalized, comprehensive orthopedic care to ensure optimal outcomes. With a dedicated team of experienced and fellowship-trained physicians, MOA is the trusted resource for orthopedic care, including knee surgery.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a life without knee pain? Contact us at (304) 599-0720 or Tsneed@mountainstateortho.com to learn more about knee replacement surgery or to schedule an appointment.