Carpal Tunnel Symptoms? You May Need Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Feb 13, 2015

William Eye:  His Journey Back to Doing What He Loves

You use your hands for everything–simple activities such as buttoning clothes and typing to more intricate activities like cooking, sewing, driving, etc.  William Eye spent 32 years as a bus driver for Preston county school system.  Imagine the toll that would take on your hands if you had carpal tunnel and let it go untreated.

About eight years ago William first noticed he had trouble moving his hands around. He would often have to drive with one hand, which you’re not supposed to do as a bus driver.  He would have to put it down and leave it down for awhile as he shook it out because of the numbness before replacing it on the wheel.

What would this mean to the kids?  William always had to think about the kids on his bus and their safety.  Knowing that something bad might happen to them because of him was enough to make him retire.

William met with Dr. Vasilakis of Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates where he inquired about carpal tunnel release surgery.

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Chris Vasilakis, MD., of Mountainstate Orthopedic Associates

“Numbness, tingling and night pain are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnelCarpal tunnel release surgery helps relieves these symptoms,” said Chris Vasilakis, MD of MOA.

William’s surgery was relatively short.  He wasn’t put to sleep—his hand was just numb throughout the whole surgery.

“I would advise anyone to get the surgery.  If there’s a chance for you to get your feeling back, do the surgery,” said Eye.

William is now able to drive he and his wife everywhere.  Cars, golf carts, lawn mowers, you name it, he’s driving it.  He is able to keep both hands on the wheel, which lets him drive safely.

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To watch William’s story, click on the image below.

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Do you experience numbness in your hands? You could be showing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Our free guide explains the causes, symptoms and treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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